Phoenix Security - Dedicated to those with the drive to learn more everyday!

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Phoenix Security is a collaboration of 3 security researchers who became friends during their path to learn more.
Our interests span across many domains, everything from attacking telephony systems to EDR/AV evasion.

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Team Bios

Patrick Smith

An information technology professional with over seven years of experience in secure web application development, penetration testing and cloud security. Patrick has spent the bulk of his career as an Application Security Engineer, offering consulting to top cloud providers tasked with identifying and solving some of the most complex security issues in the realm of modern cloud applications. In this role, his responsibilities included deep code review and analysis, in-depth dynamic testing, and security tool development. Currently, Patrick focuses on web application and API penetration testing.

James Barnett

Started his journey into information security in 2020 after obtaining his OSCP certification. James has worked as a Red Team Operator, alongside Jeff in the Insurtech industry, and currently works as a Penetration Testing Consultant. James’s research focuses primarily on AV/EPP/EDR evasion as well as web application vulnerability hunting.

Jeffrey Green

An information technology professional who transitioned into the information technology field in 2019. Jeff has worked as an incident response analyst, penetration tester, and red team operator. During his first offensive security role he teamed with James to stand up a red team at a Insurtech company. Currently, Jeff is a working in the realms of application security testing, network security testing and red team operations. Jeff focuses his research on application security, social engineering, covert entry, and red team tool development.

Guest Contributor Bios


Hopscotch is an up and coming Red Teamer with 4 years of experience including RE, pentesting, and Threat Hunting as well as cloud architecture. He currently has OSEP, OSCP, and OSWP and chooses to focus research in EDR Evasion and mobile application security.